Professional Learning for Staff

Schools can request our services to facilitate professional learning sessions on topics related to educational technology advancements and integration.  These sessions can customized to address the needs of educators, administrators, school building support staff, whole staff, small groups (grade level, department, etc.), or individuals. Some topics requested in the past include:

  • Technology Efficiency (Desktop publishing, communication, collaboration, and organization)
  • Skill Building (Tool specific tech skills development such as Canva, Google tools, formative assessment tools, online resources and tools)

In addition to our services, we can direct teachers to professional development opportunities available to them:

  • REMC Professional Learning offers two options:
    REMC Courses: are virtual, instructor-led, offered in a three week window, and take approximately 10 hours to complete.  At least 8 different ones from our catalog of over 50 are offered each month.
    REMC Workshops: encompass all other professional learning opportunities and may be virtual, blended or in person and vary in length. 
  • EDUPATHS - EduPaths offers courses that cover a wide range of topics and align to the professional learning needs many of our districts are working to integrate into their systems.

To request services please contact