Technology Services

Assistive technology services include resources, supports, professional development, and a short-term lending library for local districts to assist in the effective implementation of assistive technologies for students with disabilities. 

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Our instructional technology integration services aim to empower districts to navigate the evolving landscape of educational technology and leverage the power of technology for effective teaching and learning!


Our services include but are not limited to:
  • Instructional Support - Collaborative Lesson Development  
    • Projects we've done successfully include: Intergenerational Project, Global Collaboration Projects, and Student Run STEM fair)
  • Technology Efficiency
    • Desktop publishing, communication, collaboration, and organization
  • Skill Building
    • Tool specific tech skills development
  • STEAM Curriculum
    • Coding, robotics, and maker initiatives
  • Organizational Needs
    • Forms, surveys, data gathering, data tracking


Regional Educational Media Center 21 (REMC 21)

We house a variety of Maker sets for your school and classrooms. Our sets are listed here and all you need is an open mind and a creative heart. You can check out the sets for the duration of your project,  from one day to a few weeks.  If you are unsure or have not received training, you can ask for instructional support. Some sets will require additional materials (consumables or mobile devices). 

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