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Michigan Academic Standards

Common Core Standards

English Language Arts

Common Core Standards: English Language Arts

Content Area Literacy

ELA Curriculum Maps  (subscription based) - $20.00 for access to grade span

MDE - ELA Cross Walk 6-8

MDE - ELA Cross Walk 9-12

MAISA is hosting the ELA Career and College Readiness Standards Project. Each grade level K-11 has at least one unit developed for teachers to explore and use.

ELA MAISA Project Site: More has been done with writing than with reading to date.

MAISA Career and College Readiness Standards Project


Common Core State Standards for MathematicsLive Binders contains the standards, the unpacked standards, tasks, resources, planning, questioning strategies, classroom videos, common misunderstandings and more.

Live Binders

Common Core Standards: Mathematics

MDE - Math Cross Walks

Math MAISA Project Site: Partially completed, certain units and assessment materials.

MAISA is also hosting the Math Career and College Readiness Standards Project. Each grade level K-11 has at least one unit developed for teachers to explore and use.  Many include sample lessons, resources, and assessments.

MAISA Career and College Readiness Standards Project

Center on Instruction Your Source for Information on Research-based Instruction

The TCH Teaching Channel Inspired Teaching. Inspiring Classrooms. Search for lessons by grade level, content area or by common core with standards associated

EduPaths: EduPaths helps educators navigate their professional growth, further their knowledge, and improve their instructional practices.

What Works Clearinghouse The WWC Practice Guides provide educators with the best research evidence available, combine expert panel knowledge with rigorous research findings, and offer specific recommendations to address educational challenges.

English Language Arts

Essential Instructional Practices in Early Literacy, Prekindergarten

Essential Instructional Practices in Literacy Practices, Grades K-3

Essential Instructional Practices in Literacy Practices, Grades 4-5

Essential Instructional Practices for Disciplinary Literacy Grades 6-12

Essential School-wide and Center-wide Practices in Literacy


Next Generation Science Standards

Read and search the Next Generation Science Standards: Discover various ways the student performance expectations (PEs) can be arranged, including by Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs) or topic arrangements. The standards can also be filtered by grade, the three dimensions, or science disciplines. Also, download complete PDFs of the academic standards.

Instruction and Assessment Supports 

Looking for resources to better understand the implications of the NGSS on classroom instruction? Explore the resources in this section to help unpack the standards and understand what the performance expectations mean for instruction and assessment.

Social Studies

MI Open Books have been written and created by Michigan teachers as part of the TRIG grant and current titles and revisions include:

3rd Grade Michigan Studies

4th Grade United States Studies

5th Grade United States History

6th Grade World Geography

7th Grade Ancient World History

8th Grade United States History

High School U.S. History

Economics and You

Civic Life

Michigan Open Books Project
Learn about the Open Books project ,the inquiries that drive them, and even grab a sneak preview of the books themselves (hover over "The Books" in the menu at the top of the web page to pull up a specific grade level).

SAT and PSAT Information and Resources

In June 2015, members of GELN convened a task force of stakeholders from Michigan educational organizations to collect and create resources supporting administrators, teachers, counselors, students, and parents with implementation of the revised SAT. The SAT Task Force continues to develop resources for educators. The documents below link to source sites where you will find what you need to prepare for success.

MAISA SAT Resources


NWEA is a research-based, not-for-profit organization that supports students and educators worldwide by creating assessment solutions that precisely measure growth and proficiency—and provide insights to help tailor instruction. For 40 years, NWEA has developed Pre-K–12 assessments and professional learning offerings to help advance all students along their optimal learning paths. Our tools are trusted by educators in more than 9,500 schools, districts, and education agencies in 145 countries.… the MAP® Suite shows you how to get them there. The MAP Suite is an assessment system that’s all about measuring what matters—so you can support growth and skill mastery for every student. This collection of purpose-built measures from NWEA illuminates every student’s learning needs, helping teachers to target instruction and administrators to make well-informed system-wide decisions.

NWEA The MAP Suite

NWEA Resource Library

A Smarter Balanced Assessment System

Using the Digital Library, teachers can access resources to support student learning. Teachers can also use optional and flexible interim tests to check student progress throughout the year. Summative, or end-of-year tests, measure student achievement and growth in English and math in grades 3–8 and high school. 

Learn about the Smater Balanced Assessment System

Michigan Assessment Consortium

The Michigan Assessment Consortium (MAC) is a professional association of educators who believe quality education depends on accurate, balanced, and meaningful assessment.  A nonpartisan and nonprofit organization, the MAC provides leadership and services to advance high-quality balanced assessment practices and systems.

Michigan Assessment Consortium

MAC's Assessment Learning Modules

MAC's Common Assessment Development Modules