Early On Program Services

Helping Children Ages 0 to 3, the Early On Program evaluates and supports children that are not developing at the same rate as their peers. 

When a child is born, every parent hopes that he/she will be healthy. Sometimes, however, things don't go as planned. The baby may be ill or may seem slow in doing things such as smiling, sitting up, or speaking. If you have a concern about your baby's health or development, Early On serves infants and toddlers from birth to 36 months with developmental delay or conditions that could lead to such delay. It has been well established that early intervention is an effective way to prevent or reduce problems for children at a later age.

The Early On Program specializes in evaluating and treating children that are not developing at the same rate as other children. This can include physical, mental, communication, adaptive, social or emotional development.

Early On is offered by the Michigan Departments of Education, Community Health and Human Services.


CONTACT Early On Referrals

Holly Bailey-Boldt
Early On Administrative Assistant
Email: hboldt@maresa.org
Direct dial phone: (906) 226-5154

Marquette & Alger COUNTIES
Lyndsay Carey
Director of Early Childhood Education
Email: lcarey@maresa.og
Direct dial phone: (906) 226-5136