Autism Spectrum Disorder Services

MARESA offers Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Consultation Services to local schools for children with ASD and their families. 

Local School District Supports

  • Resource Rooms
  • School Social Workers
  • Specialist in Autism Spectrum Disorder

School-wide Supports

  • Student Assistance Teams
  • Autism Resource Teams
  • Crisis Teams
  • Peer-to-Peer Supports

Parent Support Group

Marquette Area Autism Support Support Group ~ A regional grassroots Autism Spectrum Disorders support group for those in the Marquette, MI area who live with, care for, or work with someone on the autism spectrum. ~

Professional Development

  • Ongoing workshops provided for specific school districts
  • Ongoing training by statewide autism and resources training of school-based autism resource teams (START - statewide initiative started in the Upper Peninsula in 2001)
  • Upper Peninsula Autism Network (UPAN) – regional autism training network



Barb Potts
Autism Spectrum Consultant
CPI/HWC Trainer
UP Autism Network
Email: bpotts(at)
Direct dial phone: (906) 226-5176

Kortney Markkola
Autism Spectrum Consultant
UP Autism Network
Email: Kortney Markkola(at)
Direct dial phone: (906) 226-5144