In Class Collaboration

We offer "modeled technology integration lessons". We take the guesswork out for teachers by demonstrating effective tech use in the classroom alongside them.

Here's how it works:

  • We collaborate with teachers to identify a specific technology skill they want to incorporate, like coding, robotics, digital storytelling, or anything in between! Some Collaborative Lesson Development  Projects we've done successfully include:
    • Intergenerational Project,
    • Global Collaboration Projects, and
    • Student-Led STEM Fair
  • We then step into the classroom and co-teach a lesson with the teacher. We'll model best practices for integrating the technology while delivering engaging instruction to students. Some samples of these include:
    • STEAM Curriculum through Coding, robotics, and maker initiatives
    • Digital storytelling projects.

Teachers gain firsthand experience – they see the technology in action, observe student interaction, and get all their questions answered. This strategy increases teacher confidence and reduces the learning curve.

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