Additional Forms for LEA Use

Word Document Birth Certificate Affidavit (when no certified copy of birth certificate- district should customize according to what is considered acceptable per district policy)  

Word Document Birth Certificate Notification (to parent/guardian when no certified birth ceritifcate at time of enrollment- LEA needs to customize with acceptable documentation)  

Word Document Birth Certificate Not Retained  (for CA-60 if no copy of birth certificate kept)

 Enrollment Form Example (Sample enrollment form districts can customize)

 Residency Home of Relative Verification Affidavit Updated July 2021

 Student Absence Sheet Example

Excel Document Student Withdrawal Form

 FTE Split Letter of Agreement  July 2021

School of Choice Application 105/105c Sample  July 2021

School of Choice Denial Letter Sample  July 2021

Pupil Accounting Questions

Jill Malin, MARESA Pupil Accounting Auditor