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Action in Education Summer Institute

The Summer Institute held yearly in mid June is an opportunity for educators to attend classes at Northern Michigan University to study and discuss topics specially designed to fit their needs. The four day institute offers options to get NMU credits or SBCEUs for attendance that assist teachers with requirements to maintain their certification. Teachers may take a four day class, a two day class, or a total of two two-day classes during that period of time. National and local keynote speakers begin each morning. Educators find it a rewarding way to end a school year and begin to look forward the next year.

Bi-Annual Fall Conference for Educators

 This one day conference brings together teachers and administrators from Marquette Alger RESA schools as well as some teachers and administrators from other schools across the Upper Peninsula. Usually held in October this biannual conference is an excellent way for educators to come together and learn the latest techniques to enhance their teaching and their advance their schools. Numerous national, state and local educators present one hour sessions on topics pertinent to educators. Educators have an opportunity to attend four presentations plus a keynote speaker on that day.


Teacher Induction and Mentoring Essentials Series (TIMES)

This program is offered to the local districts to assist them meeting the state requirement in PA 335, section 1526 to provide professional development activities for new teachers within their first three years of teaching. MARESA offers a four day professional development series for the teachers in this category. New teachers not only have the opportunity to learn from experienced teachers and administrators but also will establish a network of the new teachers that they can use to exchange ideas now and for years to come.
Areas that are covered include but are not limited to:
• Classroom and behavior management
• Communicating with students, parents, staff, administration and the general public
• Assessment and State required testing
• Curriculum
• Special Education issues and services
• Teaching gifted and talented students
• Working with mentor teachers
• All aspects of instruction
• Working with professional organizations
• Teacher resources available on the web
• MDE website and resources
• Career preparation activities for student


Seaborg Math and Science Center

(Registration for Seaborg Center events can be found within the Wisdomwhere site:


Professional Development Logs


MOECs Overview

The Michigan Online Educator Certification system (MOECS) is the secure web-based system through which Michigan educators register and create private accounts allowing them to record, store, and access to all of their certification data, apply for certificates and endorsements, and renew their certificate.

SCECHs Overview

State Continuing Education Clock Hours, or SCECHs, are used as an alternative to renewing an educator certificate.  SCECHs are now awarded through the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) and an online evaluation is required.  The website is

Individuals who hold the following certificates are eligible to use SCECHs for renewal:

  • Professional Education Certificate
  • Occupational Certificate
  • School Psychologist Certificate
  • School Counselor License
  • School Administrator
  • Provisional Certificate holders may renew using SCECHs (renewable every 3 years - provisionals may be renewed twice)

(Social Workers in Michigan cannot use SCECHs for license renewal)

The above certificates require annual renewal every five years.  To renew, the participant must earn 150 SCECHs or 6 university credits or a combination of both (one university credit equals 25 SCECHs).

Once the SCECHS are uploaded, participants will receive an email directing them to the web address, to review their personal account and complete the evaluation.  After completion of the evaluation, SCECHs will be awarded and listed on an unofficial transcript.

Participants have 30 days after the program is uploaded to update the personal account and evaluation.

Anyone looking to put on a program or offer Professional Development with SCECHs may submit an application the SCECH Coordinator, Megan Brown. Applications must be received 45 days prior to the event.

If you have any questions regarding offering SCECHs please contact Megan Brown by e-mail at or by phone at 906.226.5115.

What is EduPaths?

EduPaths is a professional development portal for ALL Michigan Educators. EduPaths courses are aligned with school improvement framework, multi tiered systems of support, and designed to expand understanding on a wide variety of topics.  Courses are available online and are completely self-paced. They are intended to help educators to personalize their own learning plan anytime and anyplace. Registration is simple!