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Superintendent's Welcome

Dear Community Members and Fellow Educators,

Welcome to the Marquette-Alger Regional Educational Service Agency, or Marquette-Alger RESA. As a regional educational service agency, our mission remains unwavering: to provide educational excellence through advocacy, collaboration, and innovation to our constituent districts.

Serving as Superintendent here in the heart of Michigan's Upper Peninsula fills me with immense pride and honor. We, as educators, hold a sacred trust – the development and future of our students. Every member of the Marquette-Alger RESA family takes this responsibility deeply to heart, striving to offer the best education possible and equip our students for success.

The dedication and efforts of our educators are reflected in the quality of our schools, evident in student achievement levels, diverse career and technical education opportunities, vibrant extracurricular and athletic programs, and the essential support services we provide daily.

As outlined in our strategic vision, Marquette-Alger RESA aims to provide constituent districts with the support necessary to enable them to develop communities filled with learners prepared to be successful, productive, and responsible citizens. This journey is paved with high-quality leadership and diverse supports, including:

  • Early-On Programming: Nurturing the development of our youngest learners from the very beginning.
  • Special Education Services and Oversight: Ensuring personalized learning and success for every student.
  • General Education Supports and Services: Empowering educators and enriching the learning experience for all.
  • Career and Technical Education Supports and Services: Equipping students with the skills and knowledge for fulfilling careers.
  • School Business Services: Providing sound financial management and efficient operations.
  • Instructional Technology Support: Leveraging technology to enhance learning and engagement.
  • Homeless Services and Supports: Removing barriers and ensuring equitable access to education.
  • Legislative Advocacy: Championing the needs of students and educators at the state and federal levels.
  • State and Federal Grant Supports: Securing resources to fuel innovation and advancement.

Whether we serve directly in the classroom or behind the scenes, we all share the extraordinary responsibility of shaping the future of our youth. It is a privilege we don't take lightly, knowing the impactful dividends it yields for our communities. Our commitment to serving our constituent districts is deeply rooted in tradition and bolstered by the unwavering community support for public education and its dedicated contributors.

I encourage you to explore our website,, where you can learn more about our strategic plan priorities, including communication, professional development, wellness, multi-tiered systems of support, early childhood, special education, and career tech. We welcome your feedback and are always eager to serve you in any way we can.


Greg Nyen, EdD Superintendent

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Dr. Gregory Nyen

MARESA Superintendent