The MARESA is a strong, supportive regional educational service agency serving the schools of Marquette and Alger Counties. Our primary mission is to provide leadership and services that enhance the delivery of instruction for our constituent school districts.

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News/Upcoming Events

2015 Administrators Academy

 2015 Administrators Academy


Link to event flyer- click here


August 3rd (Legislative Pre-Conference), 4th and 5th


To register, go to your respective ISD's Wisdomwhere site and start the process (DSISD-area participants, please use the MARESA Wisdomwhere site). 

Summer Activity Series


This is a program developed for students with disabilities of all ranges and ages and their general education peers!

Parents MUST attend and participate with their children. 


Contact Barb Potts or Meghan McLeod

at 226-5100 for more information 


Click Here for Flyer 



AmeriCorps is Accepting Applications for 2015-16 School Year
AmeriCorps is Accepting Applications for 2015-16 School Year-  please click here for more info