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EduPaths helps educators navigate their professional growth, further their knowledge, and improve their instructional practices. 


What Works Clearinghouse

The WWC Practice Guides provide educators with the best research evidence available, combine expert panel knowledge with rigorous research findings, and offer specific recommendations to address educational challenges. 


English Language Arts

Essential Instructional Practices in Early Literacy, Prekindergarten

Essential Instructional Practices in Literacy Practices, Grades K-3

Essential Instructional Practices in Literacy Practices, Grades 4-5

Essential Instructional Practices for Disciplinary Literacy Grades 6-12

Essential School-wide and Center-wide Practices in Literacy



Next Generation Science Standards

Read and search the Next Generation Science Standards: Discover various ways the student performance expectations (PEs) can be arranged, including by Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs) or topic arrangements. The standards can also be filtered by grade, the three dimensions, or science disciplines. Also, download complete PDFs of the academic standards.

Instruction and Assessment Supports 

Looking for resources to better understand the implications of the NGSS on classroom instruction? Explore the resources in this section to help unpack the standards and understand what the performance expectations mean for instruction and assessment.


Social Studies

MI Open Books have been written and created by Michigan teachers as part of the TRIG grant and current titles and revisions include:

Visit to learn about Michigan Open Books Project, the inquiries that drive them, and even grab a sneak preview of the books themselves (hover over "The Books" in the menu at the top of the web page to pull up a specific grade level).