Higher Education

As you may all know it's time for high school seniors to start thinking about graduation and pursuing higher education and with that comes the Federal Application For Student Financial Aid (FASFA) Season. We have received a lot of helpful resources and information available to aide our homeless seniors in filling out FASFA and much more and wanted to pass all of this information on to all of you!

Word DocumentUPDATED Unaccompanied Homeless Youth FASFA Verification Form 

MV Resources for Graduating Homeless Seniors Included:

PDF DocumentEligibility Tool for Financial Aid Administrators

This form is to be completed by the financial aid administrator (FAA) who is evaluating a student's eligibility for independent student status.

Word DocumentFASFA Tips for Unaccompanied Youth Without Stable Housing

PDF DocumentHelping Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Access College Financial Aide

This document is provided by NAEHCY and provides basic information on financial aid.

PDF DocumentHigher Education Poster

A great Poster to alert unaccompanied homeless youth to contact the you if they believe they may qualify for independent student status on the FAFSA due to lacking a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence.

Word DocumentIncome tax and the FASFA for Unaccompanied Homeless Youth

This document answers the question: How does a youth's decision to file a tax return affect the FAFSA?

PDF DocumentIncreasing Access to Higher Education for Unaccompanied Homeless Youth

A great resource for your local Colleges and Universities

Word DocumentNAEHCY LeTendre Education Fund 2013 Scholarship Application

This is a sample Scholarship application that is available for homeless youth, it also comes with the opportunity to attend the national NAEHCY Conference in Atlant, GA in November, 2013. This application is DUE JUNE 2013!

Powerpoint DocumentPowerPoint for McKinney-Vento-FASFA week for Students

This is an excellent PPT and suggestion for alerting your homeless high school seniors to the fact that it is FAFSA SEASON!!

PDF DocumentProviding Effective Financial Aid

A forty page document that provides excellent details on Higher Education and FASFA for Homeless Youth

Word DocumentRecommendations for Transitioning Unaccompanied Homeless Youth to Higher Education

Word DocumentUPDATED Unaccompanied Homeless Youth FASFA Verification Form

Our graduating UHY can file the FAFSA without their parents' tax or income information if they can be verified as Unaccompanied Homeless Youth graduating from high school.

This form should be copied onto letterhead from the school district or the high school with AT LEAST 3 copies given to the student/UHY who is applying for financial aid for college (FAFSA) and 2 for the school file and the students CA60.

The National Association for Education of Homeless Children and Youth (NAEHCY) now has a Higher Education resource help line and a Higher Education Liaison for Homeless Youth. If you need assistance with issues related to students experiencing homelessness accessing higher education please contact the NAEHCY Higher Education Helpline at 1(855) 446-2673 (toll-free) or highered@naehcy.org. The NAEHCY Higher Education Liaison is Cykeia Lee : clee@naehcy.org.

Also you can find many other scholarship opportunities for your homeless students at the link below provided by NCHE.

NCHE Homeless Student Scholarship Opportunities