2014 On Site Reviews & Self-Assessment Resources


Every three years, MDE requires all local school districts to submit a McKinney-Vento Self-Assessment as part of monitoring regulatory compliance of educational services to homeless children and youth. All Michigan school districts are required to submit a McKinney-Vento Self-Assessment with supporting documents of evidence in GEMS/MARS in the FALL of 2014. 




Last year, MDE introduced a new Grant Electronic Monitoring System / Michigan Administrative Review System (GEMS/MARS) that will be used by districts for this review. 



  • Each district is allowed to have a total of two Sub-recipient Administrators; if these individuals have not been granted access in the system yet, they will need to fill out the PDF DocumentSecurity Authorization Form.   They will also need to follow the instructions in the Powerpoint DocumentPowerPoint (GEMS – Getting Access)  to request electronic access. 


  • Once these steps are completed, MDE will activate the user and they will receive an email stating that they can begin using GEMS/MARS. 


  • After getting system access, Sub-recipient Administrators will then be able to activate their McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Grant and Program liaison as Users.


  • As part of this review, liaisons will need to have access to GEMS/MARS; selecting the Powerpoint DocumentRole of Sub-recipient USER when completing their online profile in the system. 


  • The review of the McKinney-Vento Program, like many grants received by LEAs and ISDs from the MDE, are subject to monitoring.  Therefore, MDE needs district officials to set up their access in GEMS/MARS so that they are prepared when MDE program offices initiate monitoring activities.


  • If you have any problem accessing GEMS, please contact GEMS Help Desk at (517) 373-1806 or at MDE-GEMS@michigan.gov. Please include your full name and complete telephone number (with area code) when you contact the Help Desk. 

PDF DocumentOverview into GEMS 
PDF DocumentGEMS Security Authorization Form 
PDF DocumentGEMS Sub-recipient Review Process Training Manual 

PDF DocumentGEMS MDE Review Process Manual