Information Systems-State Reporting

This is a work in progress as of 7/16/2019, it will eventually serve as a resource center for area data managers and school Medicaid service providers. Only those reports / management systems that I am involved in, will be represented on this page.


Stephanie Abata.

Management Technology


Michigan Pupil Accouting Manual

MDE manual on the data that is to be included in the general collections and how to input it. Updated on a yearly basis.

Michigan Pupil Auditing Manual  

MDE manual on what items are audited for the general collection and the procedures. Click on the first link, to get the document.  Updated on a yearly basis.  Specific information regarding desk audit procedures is found, starting on page 8.  Specific information on field audit procedures is found, starting on page 12.


Last Updated 7/16/2019
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