SEPAC Educator of the Year Award

2016 SEPAC Educator of the Year ~ Chad Rowley


Congratulations Chad! 


About the SEPAC Educator of the Year Award

Is there someone special in your child’s life who has gone beyond the call of duty, who has done so much for your child that a simple “Thank You” isn't enough? (bus driver, teacher, aide, peer, recess supervisor, grandparents, etc.) Why not nominate that person for the Educator of the Year Award? Nomination forms can be obtained by contacting Tammy Nyen, MARESA Director of Special Education/226-5160, any SEPAC member, or by clicking the link below. Nomination forms must be submitted no later than April 15th each year. The award is presented at the MARESA Board of Education May meeting.




Past SEPAC Educator of the Year Recipients

2016-17   Kristin King
2015-16   Chad Rowley
2014-15   Dawn Landgren 
2013-14   Paul Trdan 
2012-13   Halsey Sleeter
2011-12   Judy Saari
2010-11   Karin Hansard
2009-10   Abby Cameron-Standerford
2008-09   Linn Carlson
2007-08   David Beall
2006-07   Dianne Huetter
2005-06   Geri Peterson
2004-05   Jerry Zielinski
2003-04   Cheryl Emich-Leete and Mary Hughes
2002-03   Susan Holmgren
2000-01   Patricia Jerry and Jill LaMere
1999-00   Elaine Taskey
1998-99   Roberta Rudness
1997-98   Peter Holliday