CPI/HWC is a safe, non-harmful behavior management system designed to help human service workers provide the best possible care and welfare of assaultive, disruptive or out-of-control persons, even during most violent moments. MARESA offers CPI/HWC certification trainings throughout the year.



Initial CPI/HWC

  • Monday, August 27th & Thursday, August 30th (1st Semester)
  • Thursday, September 13th & Friday, September 14th (1st Semester)
  • Wednesday, October 17th & Thursday, October 18th (1st Semester)
  • Wednesday, November 14th & Thursday, November 15th (1st Semester)


  • Friday, October 12th (1st Semester)
  • Wednesday, October 24th (1st Semester)
  • Friday, October 26th (1st Semester)
  • Thursday, November 1st (1st Semester)
  • Friday, November 16th (1st Semester)

Training sessions run from 8:30am to 3:30pm at MARESA (1 hour lunch, not provided by MARESA)

Registration will be conducted via WisdomWhere software...  

  • Create an account in WisdomWhere:
  • After you have created an account, go to the homepage, click on EVENTS tab at the top. Once on the EVENTS page, click on SEARCH. From here you can select your event and register. For more information please contact Amy Talo 906/226.5165.



Nonviolent Crisis Intervention was developed by the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) and has been used in a variety of human service settings for over 25 years. Upon satisfactory completion of training, each participant will receive a certificate from the Crisis Prevention Institute.

What you will learn:

1.     Verbal and non-verbal prevention techniques.

2.     Effective verbal de-escalation techniques.

3.     Team intervention strategies and techniques.  

4.     Post-crisis techniques to help re-establish a positive teaching relationship with the  

       acting-out person.  

5.     Post-crisis debriefing techniques for staff and students.

MARESA CPI instructors: Mary Beth Coyne, Michelle DenBeste, Theresa King, Nicole Lackey, Meghan McLeod and Barb Potts are certified instructors in Nonviolent Crisis Prevention.


Handle With Care  teaches the use of prompt, skillful, appropriate intervention when physical force is necessary in order to minimize injuries to staff and youth. Handle With Care’s physical skills training enables staff to manage situations where the only appropriate response is the prompt skillful use of physical restraint. Upon successful completion of the training, each participant will receive a certificate from Handle with Care.

What you will learn:

1.     Effective and safe personal protection techniques.

2.     The Primary Restraint Technique: an “orthopaedically sound passive holding method.”

3.     “Non-prone restraint” options, including modifications for small children. 

4.     Two-person escort technique.

5.     Crisis Team Intervention.

MARESA HWC instructors:  Mary Beth Coyne, Michelle DenBeste, Theresa King, Nicole Lackey, Meghan McLeod & Barb Potts are certified instructors in Handle With Care Behavior Management System.


1.  Staff who have never been certified in crisis or physical intervention, or were trained    more than one year ago, or received training in a technique other than CPI and/or HWC  must be trained in “Nonviolent Crisis Intervention”  = CPI and HWC.  Each initial training is 6 hours = 2 days. 

2. Staff may be re-certified in CPI and HWC by attending a one-day recertification training, providing they attend training within one year of their last training.  This is counted by semesters rather than exact training dates.  For example, if a staff member takes CPI & HWC training 1st semester of 2018, they are eligible for re-certification 1st semester of 2019.

3.  As both Crisis Prevention Intervention and Handle With Care techniques are based on team intervention (for safety and professional standards) it is recommended that schools send no fewer than 2 people from the same site.

4. Physical protection and physical intervention classes are limited to no more than 14 participants.

Both courses (CPI & HWC) will address the MDE Standards for the Emergency Use of Seclusion and Restraint (adopted 12/12/06)

Multiple initial and recertification training opportunities are offered through the school year on an annual basis.


Mary Beth Coyne

Occupational Therapist

CPI/HWC Trainer



Direct dial phone: (906) 226-5169

Michelle Denbeste
Speech Therapist/Early On Coordinator
CPI/HWC Trainer

Direct dial phone: (906) 226-5148


Meghan McLeod
Autism Consultant
CPI/HWC Trainer

Direct dial phone: (906) 226-5144


Barb Potts
Autism Consultant
CPI/HWC Trainer

Direct dial phone: (906) 226-5176