Welcome to the General Education Services

Within General Education Services, you will find staff, programming, events, and resources dedicated to support the teaching and learning of students, staff, administrators, parents, and community. The pace of education change continues to quicken as evidenced by the following.

Changes in Education

The only constant is change and nowhere does that ring truer than in education over the last several years. Our state has undergone changes in its curriculum content standards, its educational delivery models, and its assessment suite. Michigan has adopted new and rigorous content standards in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics.

Work on the Next Generation Science Standards has been underway for several years and they have now been adopted. The same is true of revised Social Studies standards. The state has seen significant expansion of technology-supported delivery of instruction and content through in class use of iPads and Chromebooks to flipped instruction to seat-time waivers.  Schools across Michigan have said good-bye to the MEAP test and  the ACT and hello to the M-STEP and the SAT.  Teacher Evaluation legislation has been passed.

Focus Areas of General Education

We recognize the enormous challenges faced by local school districts in addressing and complying with the vast number of requirements and changes and endeavor to assist them in this regard. Broadly speaking, the focus areas of General Education include:

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

  • Core Content Areas
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Assessment


  • Instructional Technology Integration Specialist
  • Regional Educational Media Center 21 (REMC 21)
  • Video Conferencing
  • Michigan Virtual High School
  • Seat Time Waivers

Career & Technical Education (CTE)

  • Student Internships
  • Counselors Meetings
  • Program Opportunities
  • Articulated Credit
  • Marquette Alger Technical Middle College

School and District Improvement

  • The School Improvement Process
  • The Annual Education Report
  • AdvancEd Reporting Site
  • SLO - Student Learning Objectives

Administrative Support

  • Elementary Principals Meetings
  • Middle and High School Principals Meetings
  • New Teacher Mentoring
  • Administrators Academy
  • Walkthroughs

Professional Development

  • Calendar Events
  • Action in Education Summer Institute
  • Bi-Annual Fall Conference
  • Seaborg Math and Science Center
  • Professional Development Logs

Transition Services

  • Transition Support
  • Transition I Classroom
  • Transition II Classroom
  • Transition Council
  • Work-Based Opportunities
  • Michigan Rehabilitation Services

Marquette-Alger RESA Administrative Unit Classrooms

(Title I D Enhanced Classrooms)

  • Great Lakes Recovery Center Classroom
  • Marquette County Jail Tutoring

Title IX- McKinney-Vento Homeless Student Educational Support

  • Federal Homeless Education Grant for the districts in the U.P.
  • Training and Support
    • District Liaisons
    • Staff Members
    • Students
    • Parents
    • Community Agencies
  • Provides for school related needs
  • Professional Development

Health and Prevention

  • PE-Nut - Nutrition Education
  • Prime for Life
  • Michigan Model for Health
Dr. Travis Smith
Deputy Superintendent for Educational Services