Pupil accounting count day forms (for required documentation checklist 

 Unless a CEPI form is specified on the checklist, you may substitute an equivalent form generated by your student information system. 


Alternative/Adult Education Forms:

  Alternative Education Grand Totals And Certification Updated July 2017

Birth Certificate Related Forms:

 Excel Document Birth Certificate Verification Updated July 2017

Days and Hours: 

Excel Document 2017-18 Scheduled Days of Instruction - Clock Hours - 75% Report Updated October 2017


Excel Document Homebased Pupil List Updated July 2017
Excel Document Homebound Hospitalized Pupil List Updated July 2017



Excel Document Add and Drop Form (10 days prior through 30 days after count day) Updated January 2018

Excel Document Cooperative Education Programs List Of Pupils Updated January 2018

Excel Document Early-Middle College List of Pupils Updated July 2017

Excel Document Expanded Online Learning (21f)  *USE FOR 5-O-D* Updated July 2017

 Experiential Learning List of Enrolled Pupils Updated July 2017

Foreign Exchange Program Pupils Updated January 2018

 Mentor Logs - Online Classes - Self Scheduled Updated January 2018

Excel Document Non-Public Shared Time Pupils and Home Schooled Pupils List At Public School Updated July 2017

 Nonpublic Shared-Time Pupils at Nonpublic Site Updated October 2017

 Non Public Versus Public Class Time  Updated July 2017

Excel Document Part-Time Pupil Form Updated July 2017

Excel Document Peer-to-Peer Pupil List Updated July 2017
 Request for Online Courses NEW August 2017
Excel Document Split Schedule Pupil List Updated July 2017
Excel Document Worksheet A  (Section 53a Pupils) Updated July 2017
Excel Document Worksheet B (Section 52 Pupils) Updated July 2017
 Worksheet A-B Instructions Updated July 2017

Reduced Schedule:  


Excel Document Reduced Schedule Pupils List Updated July 2017
 Reduced Schedule Per IEP  Updated January 2018



For assistance with Pupil Accounting Questions, please contact:

Megan Brown, MARESA Pupil Accounting Auditor